Shendra Stucki

Project Title:

Exhibition "Le cri"- the scream, Galerie C, Neuchatel CH


I was invited in December 2010 to the new contemporary art gallery of Neuchatel, Galerie C, to take part in a collective exhibition with the thematic: the scream. I made an installation "in sito" trying to answer at the question why we scream to somebody else. In this case the man scream woolen threads against a woman framed that cannot speak and don't even look at him. She speaks to the world from his chest, down to a black balcony trying to joint everybody. The installation was accompanied by the series of photography "Tollerance" and the series of A4 Albany bulb pictures. Down to the balcony in the ground floor there where the video installation "È solo colore rosso- It's only red colour" November 2010. A video projection on a canvas with a photo of a girl that it's screaming desperate. The canvas it's in a basin with red liquid inside and the projection it's a stop-motion effect with pictures of red drops that falls down slowly accompanied by the sound of liddle children that scream because thay are excited by their play.
immagine copertina

Video title:'oreille/video/fauve-visite-lexposition-cri-a-la-galerie-c?id=3638078 


SErvice of RTS, CH: Fauve visite l'exposition "CRI" à la Galerie C, Neuchatel